Top 10 Everything 2008

O The New York Times publicou online um interessante e variado top 10, bem descrito como “top 10 everything 2008″. Ficam aqui alguns exemplos, que dão bem para ver o quão diferentes são as categorias:

Top 10 Gadgets:

1. Optoma Pico PK-101

“Of all the gadgets on this list, this is the one that James Bond is most likely to carry. That is, it’s the coolest gadget of the year. It’s a pocket projector — meaning you plug the 4.1-inch gizmo into your iPod or iPhone, and it projects your movies on a wall, or even on the seat back in front of you on the plane.”


Top 10 Photos:

4. Line in The Sand

“After years of discussion, construction of the $1.2 billion fence on the border of the U.S. and Mexico began in earnest. Engineers projected that 650 miiles of the wall, about one-third the length of the entire border, would be completed by the end of 2008. This section, watched over by agents of the U.S. Border Patrol stretches across the desert near San Luis, Arizona…”

Top 10 Ads

2. Fed Ex’s Horror Flick 

“It’s a genius idea in these energy-deficient times: carrier pigeons as mail couriers. Smart thinking. But “what about the big stuff?,” asks the boss. This is where the ad turns into a mini-disaster flick. Giant pigeons drop packages on the populace below, peck at trucks, and shed windshield-size feathers. It’s a witty commercial, made all the better for the directors’ decision to stay away from the obvious bird crap joke.”

Podem ver o resto aqui.

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